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Visiting Artist: Soofia Asad

One afternoon I scoured the Bangkok Art Map for art openings around the city. As I googled artists and gallery links, dozens of windows opened on my overheated netbook, waiting to be read, but there was one that made me pause.

It was for an Artist in Residence program at Pikture Gallery. While the residency first caught my attention, I was floored by the current artist’s work. Her name is Soofia Asad, and her photos have a classic beauty – much like the artist herself:

Soofia Asad, Artist/Photographer

Soofia Asad during my studio visit


For example this one, posted under her entry Catharsis:

Its dramatic lighting sucked me right in. Not to mention all the subconscious associations that sprang to mind: sand, tears, plastic, frozen beauty.

As a Muslim woman from Pakistan, her work comes from specific cultural tensions, but she deals with personal themes in a way which becomes universal through her work. Like this image of juggling apples, evocative of so many things, which reminds me of Eve and of mothers everywhere:

(not to mention temptation and fragility)

She’s landed a sponsor for her exhibit – which, like official ribbon-cutting or presence at openings, is frequently the case for artists in Bangkok. Zonta has sponsored the screens for her exhibit,

and will feature her stop-motion photography.

Here’s a taste of what her screens be playing in a continual loop. She’s blended them into a hypnotic series of actions and un-actions:

To see more, be sure to stop by the Pikture Gallery and residency space  for her opening on 18th August.

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