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Visions of Penang

At my art opening at the beautiful ChinaHouse in Penang. Selected images below:

George Town Festival director Joe Sidek and a friend, with some of my Cliche-Verres



The reporters came early, here's one from The Star taking photos of my artwork – a man's silhouette in Malay text. His words came from a resident's reflection on Penang as a changing city:



Invited visitors trickled in first. I brought along the video of my USM exhibition to give another perspective of Penang


(see the video here )


Fabric Cyanotypes. These ranged from 6 x 10 feet to 8 x 10. 


The tailor who sewed these pieces used old-school techniques, and vintage Shanghai sewing machines. The thin cotton used by Malaysian artists for batik was quite difficult to hang straight, once tailored. 


Ang Huah, of the Hainan Clan temple, Penang, stands in front of an artwork made of his reminiscinces about Penang while growing up, and how it's changed. 


His English was translated to Traditional Chinese via Google Translate, and he approved it (though "it looks funny!")

Though a new venue, China House is considered one of the best arts spaces in Penang. 



(And it's famous for the excellent wine, cheese, dessert and mezze at its openings)



All in all, ChinaHouse was the ideal venue to show my work for the first time in George Town, and they were a very good partner to work with — particularly Eeyan Chuah, the curator.


At the end of a long evening…


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