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Urban Blues


Cyanotype print of Hong Kong scaffolding on 100% cotton paper, 11 x 14 inches, illustration from H is for Hong Kong (2008)

Hong Kong is fragmented by language and geography: Hong Kong Island and Kowloon, English and Cantonese carve up the city into discrete worlds. If, like me, you don’t speak anything more than ‘market Cantonese,’ your experience will be only a fraction of what Hong Kong has to offer.

The Hong Kong Blogs Review gives insight into the Cantonese experience via their recommendations of English and Chinese-language blogs. Their reviews range from the scathing to the complimentary, and last week I discovered they had included me in the latter, along with my photo from the book Lost & Found:Hong Kong.

Thanks to the Hong Kong Blogs Review for featuring my work, and I look forward to writing more about my favorite Asian city later this year.

Read the review and explore other Hong Kong blogs here.

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