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Until the Paint is Gone

Blue Brushes

If you’re familiar with my artwork, it won’t surprise you I’m painting the doors and windows of my Sicilian studio a brilliant blue.

Each day I mix up a batch of paint or varnish for the doors, windows and frames of the studio, and like the fresco painters of Rome, like the artists I worked with in Macau and Hong Kong, I mix as much as I’ll use that day, with just a bit more – around 10% – in case of spills or areas I need to re-paint.

And it’s that extra that keeps me going further than I planned in the morning.  It’s the extra that keeps me going longer and accomplishing more than I thought I could at the start of the day. Like a giant pot of coffee, it keeps me motivated even through a haze of paint fumes and dust from David who’s done this to the wall this week.

Studio Sicilia hammering at wall

More photos of the many friends who’ve helped out with the studio here, and you can see the latest renovation photos here.

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