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Surprised by SriRacha

A few weeks ago I flew into Bangkok, dropped off my bags at The Artists Place studio/guesthouse, and headed to the coastal town of Sri Racha. Famous among chili sauce aficionados in the West, Sri Racha sauce is nothing special in Thailand. But the town itself has an understated charm.

I spent a week on the water, revising my book at the Srivichai hotel.


Walkways lead to this room on stilts

with a good sized wooden verandah
deck sriwichai

and a lush garden

The owner is a flirty little man who’s lived and studied around the world. Now he lives in this ornate boathouse.

Water birds make themselves at home at the decrepit hotel next door

water bird

The employees work hard

working hard

and breezes sail in from the pier.
pier evening

During late afternoon breaks I’d wander around the streets and encounter surprises like this lost little Piaggio

and sample local treats like these colored with butterfly pea and roselle juices

I’d discover surprises like driveways hovering over the water

and stroll along the piers as the sun set
sriracha sunset

then end the day with a drink at the Grand Seaside.
evening s and p

Sri Racha: a highly recommended destination as a break for Bangkok dwellers and beach bums alike.

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