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Studio Sicilia’s Finished!


studio exterior

Blue windows shocked the neighbors last year ("Nobody paints their windows blue around here," they said) but they've grown to like them

Studio Sicilia is finished!  Well, the upstairs is, anyway.

After years of dreaming and saving and slogging away, two rooms have become one airy, open-plan studio, with elements of Asia and the Mediterranean. You can see more photos of the interior here.

And if you know someone who'd be interested to stay and do some creative work for a while, they can go to AirBnB.com to see if it's available (it's already booked by an artist for all of Summer 2012).

The first Jerome F. Cox Sculpture Fellowship – for artists who use paper as a sculpture medium – has been awarded to Movana Chen, who will arrive just before Easter. She's knitting the manuscript of my paper book into part of her massive Traveling to your Bookshelf project.

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