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Special Edition

Paper Pilgrimage: Bombs, Bandits, and a Vanishing Art in Southeast Asia

Descriptive text by Kristal Hawkins:

"For Elizabeth Briel, the world is a treasure trove of art supplies. Paper Pilgrimage is the story of her search for surfaces more expressive than machine-made paper. With a growing awareness of the region, its people, and our moment in history, Elizabeth Briel traces Southeast Asia's ancient and very local tradition of hand-made paper amid increasing modernization and the resurgence of China’s regional dominance.

Among the journey's many rewards are a lesson from a paper philosopher in northern Thailand, a detour with treehouse designers in the jungles of Bokeo, and a glimpse at a Dao shaman's sacred book. Part art history and part travelogue, Paper Pilgrimage is not only a remarkable record of a fading craft, but also a sensitive tribute to the artisans and families who enlist armaments and Hollander beaters to turn bamboo, mulberry and elephant dung into paper in Thailand, Laos and Vietnam."

Included are over 70 cyanotypes and full-color photos, and detailed descriptions of the processes of 10 papermakers and artisans.

  • A4 size (11.7 x 8.3 in) handmade mulberry/bamboo paper
  • Bound with handmade golden silk
  • Approx 110 pages of stories, illustrations, and paper recipes
  • Special Edition has extra info on paper and lots of additional photos for papermakers / paper connoisseurs: equipment, techniques, and materials from Thai, Lao, Vietnamese, and hilltribe papermakers

9 paper samples

  • Elephant dung, banana trunk fiber (birds nest paper), and Idin paper from Thailand
  • Hmong bamboo and "bomb" mulberry from Laos;
  • Ultra-thin mulberry and hilltribe Sacred Papers from Vietnam.
  • And a special surprise paper at the end.

Collectible edition of 108 copies. US$300 includes worldwide shipping

 Contact for details : Art @ EBriel . com 

PS: (More about the video's music here.)

Shaman's Book

Cyanotype print on mulberry/bamboo paper, approx 20 x 30cm (~ 9 x 12 in) 2010, 1 of 1

Paper Pilgrimage: Bombs, Bandits, and a Vanishing Art in Southeast Asia

Commissioned by ThingsAsian Press



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