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Snapshot Sunday: B & W Broken Boxes

crates inverted cropped

Detail of negative for “Break my Boxes”, my artists proof currently available at the first 140 Hours auction here

Backstory on this image from Hanoi, Vietnam here.

To make my Blueprints I use a Hybrid Darkroom process, a combination of digital photography and the oldest of printing methods. First I shoot the images with my digital Canon 40D camera, then invert the colors in Photoshop, and print them onto acetate. This then becomes my negative, which is the actual size of the final image – it’s called a Contact Negative. Sizes I’ve printed so far range from A5 to A2 (from postcard to poster-size). Finally, I print the blueprint onto 100% cotton or mulberry paper. In the past I’ve also printed onto natural fabrics like silk, linen and cotton.

Unlike typical photos, blueprints actually penetrate the surface of the paper, they don’t just sit on top. This means they’re best seen in person; photos never quite do them justice. The blue varies depending on the paper, and effects can range from crisp to velvety edges depending on the surface I use.

The 140 Hours auction ends 8 a.m. New York City time (EST), Wednesday November 11th.

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