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Shaman's Book

Cyanotype Illustration from my travel book – a search for handmade paper in Southeast Asia. This is the sacred book of a Red Dao shaman in Vietnam.

The last few months have been a time of transition, both personal and physical. This year has been in many ways an incredibly stressful and disappointing one. Promised projects with trusted people have fallen through, others postponed again and again. I have recently made some decisions about my future – beginning early next year – with a determination I haven't had for a long time.

Bangkok is an ideal place to work as I sort out the details. It's a vibrant city with exciting culture and art, there's ample UV for my Cyanotype prints, and Art Stalkers has garnered a core group of diverse travelers. (Next time we'll be meeting up at Lub D – details soon).

My posting has been irregular the past month as I've focused on my manuscript and on preparing for my next move – which will be the toughest one I've made since I first came to Asia 8 years ago.

My updates here will remain sporadic until my manuscript is out the door, until I sort out an exhibition, and something like a life for next year (i.e. visas, language lessons, and income streams), because I will be moving to….


Where the accent is crazy – like heartland American-ese spoken backwards – but revered. There's pollution and corruption and dodgy food on an epic scale – but also the most ambitious Art produced in the world today.

In the meantime, you can keeo up with me on Twitter and Facebook.

NB: I've turned off comments. The blog has been receiving 50-100 spam comments every day since my Travel Porn essay, and many good comments have been drowned out by those pimping Rolex, Cialis, and willing Thai housewives-in-training. You can always contact me here.

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