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Lost and Found: Hong Kong


There’s no experience quite like the second when you realize the package you’ve just picked up at the post office contains a beautiful brand new book. And you’re in it.

Today I was distracted, thinking of notes to summarize for my next book as I walked to a favorite cafe, package in hand. Then I turned it over and saw the enigmatic acronym “LAFHK” on a package from ThingsAsianPress. Inside were two copies of the photo book Lost & Found: Hong Kong.

I’m one of five photographers featured in the book. Each of us trained our lenses onto that magnificent metropolis, and came up with a distinctive vision thanks to our personal preferences and our daily paths in the territory. I photographed Hong Kong’s offshore islands, beaches, and daily life in the small villages, a natural choice as I lived on a small quiet island at the time.


Janet McKelpin conceptualized and designed the book. She was born in HK and spent her childhood there. Her sophisticated design and cutting-edge neon colors really capture the essence of the city. Lost&Found is ThingsAsian’s first foray into contemporary photo books, and if this is any indication of their design and printing quality, I’ll be happy to work on another one.

It lists for just under US $20 but has the feel of a book going for twice the price. You can pre-order the book here for next year. In the meantime, you can see a few of my images for the book over at Flickr.

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