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How to make a Cliche-Verre Cyanotype Print

A cliche-verre is an image made with a drawn or painted negative.

For one of my two series in Penang, I'm making cliche-verre negatives.

I designed one with an ink sketch like this,



Then painted translucent acrylic like this,



Combined it with a photo negative and prepared paper like this:


And ended up with images like this:


Cliche-verre Cyanotype test print for the upcoming series, "Beyond George Town: Visions of Penang"


Some have said these images remind them of the devastation they witnessed in Phnom Penh many years ago. Others see the ghosts of someone they once knew.

For me, I'm intrigued by how our language limits and expands our thinking. We wear it like a set of clothes. It shapes us in ways we often forget. We are made of the words we use.


The final works – large-scale prints on cotton, referencing Malaysia's long batik tradition – will be shown in January 2012 at ChinaHouse Artspace in George Town, Penang.

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