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How did I Get Here? Where is Here, Anyway?

So many steps, so little time. Photo of Bethanie, Hong Kong, 2007

When people hear I’m an artist and travel-writer, they often ask me, “How’d you get that job?” I’m always taken aback. It’s not a job, it’s a lifelong series of projects across the world. It’s not something you can get a degree in (though plenty of programs will try to convince you otherwise): you have to read the best writers, study successful artists, then get out there, and do it. Do it well and do it in a way that no one else does. Develop a thick skin and schlep the results around to people who might be able to help you do something with it. You’ve got to be comfortable with risk, and even enjoy the rush that it brings.

During my second interview in two weeks — this one with My Several Worlds — I talk in depth about where my artwork comes from, mistakes I’ve made on the road to where I am today, and what my plans are next.

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