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Going West

Western China: Borderlands. Hills. Barbarians (according to 'more civilized' residents out east).

This fall, thanks to a residency with the China Exploration and Research Society in Shangri-la,  I got another taste of the southwest:

:screenshot from Kunming brushmaker video

Video still from a meeting with a paintbrush-maker for my Brush With China project.


the handsome couple

A handsome couple gets married in a Dongba-Tibetan ceremony in Lijiang


Tibetan prayer flags over the ceremony


At times there's an illusory sense of freedom in the west of China: dozens of nationalities give its urban streets a more cosmopolitan feel than much of Beijing. Its variable temperatures and topography and sophisticated, often spicy food make it a pleasure to visit much of the year.

You breathe easier here.

For a time.

It's even easy to forget the name of the country where you are.

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