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Girl with the Chinese Jacket

Studio Sicilia: girl in the chinese jacket

In this small Sicilian town of Cianciana, I’m known as “The American with the Chinese jacket.” Around these parts, black is la moda Italiana, and my vintage red jacket sticks out (even if I don’t as I do in Asia).

Home is where you hang your hat – I wear one these days to protect my hair from lime as I scrape old paint from older wooden beams like this one:

Studio Sicilia: Entrance Old wood

But it’s all worth it.

Lots more work ahead in the coming weeks, and some good friends are headed this way to help out – including Nguyet,  the brilliant designer behind this website, who will revamp it during her stay here.

More soon after a few days in Rome with my Dad.

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3 Responses to Girl with the Chinese Jacket

  1. I enjoy this weblog, particularly the photos, do you take them yourself? Here in France we’re blessed with a vast selection of flora, the most impressive of which are in all likelihood the spring flora. May I use some of the pics with my own blogging site? I will link any back here naturally. Nevaeh Chase

  2. Interesante página web! Estoy aprendiendo espanol. Gracias por ti, me ha ayudado :D! Adios muchas gracias amigo.

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