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dwight with In search of sanuk

Dwight gets them started early with social media

Last year I sat down with some creative friends in Bangkok, and recorded their stories for a podcast series, Art for Travelers.

Finally – after recovering audio files from a crashed computer and stitching them back together again in mono (sorry) – here’s Dwight Turner’s story of how he moved to Bangkok, and founded the Funlanthropic project In Search of Sanuk. What’s Sanuk? It’s the art of having a good time, with everything you do – something the Thais excel at.

And what’s Funlanthropy? Having fun while helping others.

Like everyone in these podcasts, Dwight’s route to where he is today wasn’t a straight one: it twisted and jumped from one place to the next. Like me, he left a secure job to move to Asia. He’s candid about the challenges of raising funds for the project, which helps refugees, and children who live in Bangkok’s slums.

He’s matter of fact when talking about why he started the project, after trying to volunteer with local agencies: “I made a decision to do something for one friend [who needed help] and it grew from that, I don’t think that’s a decision that any one of us wouldn’t have made….

“It sparks something in them to want more from the future, to just to believe in themselves, I don’t think there’s a lot of voices around them that are telling them hey you can do this, hey you can be what you want to be. I think if they look around, their surroundings are telling them the opposite.”

Listen to the full podcast below. The player can take a minute to load. If there’s a problem, you can visit the Soundcloud page directly.

In Search of Sanuk by ebriel

Some photos I took of a book-making project with In Search of Sanuk, run by the multi-talented Ben Viapiana, who runs a custom jeans company out of Bangkok:

Thread for books

Hanging out with phone

Notebooks: Sewing

Intro music by Suang Santi, from Radio Diffusion.

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