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Elizabeth Briel * artist *



2000 * BFA, Painting, University of Minnesota, Minneapolis US

2000 * Art Apprenticeship, Vicchio Arts and Culture Center (Tuscany), Italy


Selected Exhibitions


* Cruel Luxuries / Greenbacks Performance {2} / Exhibition, Upper Ray Gallery, Taipei

* Cruel Luxuries Installation – First Look, Hong Kong


* Cruel Luxuries Performance {1} / Exhibition, Blue Lotus Gallery, Hong Kong

* Cruel Luxuries Performance {Beta} / Exhibition, Cheung Chau Wave, Hong Kong

* Athens21: Re-Frieze-ing Installation / Social Practice, Victoria Square Project, Athens

* Tree of Exceptions Installation Pimary, Hong Kong


* Spectrum, bG Gallery, Santa Monica, USA

* SIXTY  Lubimov/Angus-Hughes Gallery, London

* StARTup Art Fair, San Francisco, USA

* ICAF Paper Art Exhibition, 798 Arts District, Beijing


* Soft Power, Beijing Design Week, Meridian Space, Beijing

* Outside of Space, 798 Arts District, Beijing

* China Paper Collection, YCIS Gallery, Hong Kong


* Passareddu, Passareddu Center, Cianciana, Italy


* Irish Wave, C Creative Space, 798 Arts District, Beijing


* Beyond George Town, China House, Penang, Malaysia


* Imaginary Landscapes of Betel-Nut Island, Terap Ulang Gallery, Penang, Malaysia

* Print Exhibition, Archetype Gallery, Sydney, Australia


* Penang International Print Exhibiton, Universiti Sains Malaysia, Penang, Malaysia

* Print Exhibition, Archetype Gallery, Sydney, Australia


* Enduring Hong Kong, Karin Weber Gallery, Hong Kong

* Recent Paintings, Sarasen Gallery, Hong Kong

* Long Bien Festival, Hanoi


Professional Activities


* Joan Barbara Printmaking Studio, Residency, Barcelona Spain Invited to create editions with master printmakers, in a studio that has worked with artists from Picasso to Miro, Beuys and Bourgeois.

* Treasure Hill Artists Village, Taipei Residency – Participatory work on the Greenbacks project, researching the reactions of Taiwanese residents' emotions and attitudes towards money, carved Chinese aphorisms into currency


* Pimary, Hong Kong Artist-in-Residence – Development of site-specific installation on rootedness and migration, gathering histories of villagers from remote areas of the Territory. Culminated in an exhibition of the 18 meter artwork which wound around staircases and walls through time and space.

2014 – Present

* Yew Chung International School, Beijing and Hong Kong Artist-in-Residence Create large-scale artworks with student assistants in Beijing, Shanghai, Qingdao, Chongqing, Guangzhou, Yantai, and Hong Kong campuses.


* Chiang Mai Art on Paper Studio, Chiang Mai, Thailand Invited to create etchings at one of Thailand’s finest art printing studios


* China Exploration and Research Society (CERS), Researcher in Residence, Shangri-la, China Awarded to research the Brush of China project at CERS’s library/center in Zhongdian. Project focus: documenting the last brushmakers of China today, and transformation of communication in China from ink to digital.


* Universiti Sains Malaysia, Terap Ulang Printmaking Studio Artist/Fellow in Residence, Penang, Malaysia