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Often uniqueness lies in mistakes, in physical strain, or the unexpected.

One square cm of my original sharks fin Cyanotype contains traces of Chinese typography: fragments from previous prints I'd made with text from articles describing the Chinese government's clumsy attempts to cover up pollution. As if pretending the ghastly air we breathed in Beijing didn't exist could make the skies turn an APEC Blue. Letters laser-printed on my acetate negatives had once fused to the oversized plastic sheets I cover the artwork with, weighing it down to prevent prints from blowing away outside. A process visible in this video.

This calibrated 300dpi scan is even more precise than most people's eyes, including my own. It shows indentations where my fingernails pressed into the handmade paper.


Thanks to Danny Chau of Chau Digital for scanning both the 1x2m Typhoon prints, and reproducing the original blues (there are many) to perfection 

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