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Chiang Mai Shopping List

Last week I took a train from Bangkok to Chiang Mai, Thailand’s second-biggest city.

In my trusty notebook I had a page that read:


“15 pieces of Banana Paper for the paper book,”

[Last year I’d tried to buy it but apparently it was out of season by May]

“As much paper-tree bark as I can carry for a handmade artists book,”

I ended up buying a kilo of the stuff and carrying it on the train home. Lots of funny looks from fellow passengers at the station, I’ll tell you.

“Interesting handwoven cotton for new painting, 2+ meters,”

Cotton dyed with ebony fruit

“Bleached and unbleached thick mulberry paper for ******,”

” ****** ” is a secret project. You’ll hear about it here first – well, after my collectors and facebook fans


“The thinnest paper of all for artists proofs”

On this tissue-thin mulberry paper I’ll test a series of very special Vietnamese cyanotypes. I can’t wait to see how they turn out – and to start sending them to galleries and art spaces – hopefully to one near you.

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