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Bye bye Blogspot, hello WordPress!

Working in Sapa
Photo from my blog hiatus:Mount Fanxipan looms in the distance from our hotel room in Sapa

Welcome to the new, improved Ebriel Blog. Move over Blogspot, hello WordPress! It’s been weeks since I’ve been able to post online, an eternity in Internet-time.

I’ve changed over for two reasons:

1. Blogspot doesn’t work in China (where I am now)


2. WordPress offers much more flexibility with its design & is easier to integrate with my website.

If you’re new to Travel-Artist, here’s the older version of this blog, with 6 years (?!) of my Asian travels archived.

More stories, photos, and links coming soon, from Lijiang, China. This is a charming town saturated with tourists, as seasoned travellers will say. But the ‘real’ Lijiang Old Town’s still going strong at its edges, where you’ll see carpenters working on traditional Naxi window designs, local restaurants with tasty meals for 3 yuan or less (under US$.50), and plenty of smiles, too.

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