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Books into Art

There's a lot of controversy these days in the publishing industry. Traditional ways of publishing are no longer viable options: they involve killing lots of trees and shipping them around the world to bookstores. Pixels are a lot lighter, and (often) free. Books have to become more than mass market materials, and bookstores have to find new ways to sell them. I'm collaborating with others who blur the boundaries between art, books and paper in my Sicilian art studio.

 Movana Chen knits paper into art. I've given her a copy of my manuscript for Paper Pilgrimage: Bombs, Bandits, and a Vanishing Art in Southeast Asia, printed onto handmade Thai bamboo/mulberry paper.

She writes: "First of all, so exciting to sharing with you an amazing shredding with your paper. Here have a look at the pictures,"

Elizabeth's paper3

"this hand make paper look so different than what I usually shredded,

more soft, connecting each other," 

Elizabeth's pape4


"like fabric, maybe the glue different? look so amazing, love it much"


Elizabeth's book-1

"really nice with your writing about paper,,sure it will look excellent when knit together in my traveling piece during the coming Sicily trip,^^"

scarf and Greek temple in Agrigento

Traveling to Your Bookshelf comes to Sicily — here at the world heritage Greek temples in Agrigento


Movana's just come back from Sicily and has sent photos from the trip. I'll post them soon.

In the meantime, here's her video from Sicily where she films street scenes, an Easter parade, and of course her trademark: knitting paper into art.

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