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Australia: Printing at the world’s edge

The Penrith Printing Museum is at the far west of Sydney. Inside are old letterpress machines, once used for printing newspapers and posters and books. They've been rescued from oblivion by a group of dedicated gents – former printers who once worked with these kinds of machines – who are happy to show you around.

Linotype machines take you back to another age

Penrith Museum of Printing: linotype machine

And drying powders are a mystery too

Penrith Museum of Printing: drying powder

Who remembers when you had to count prints, one by one?

Penrith Museum of Printing: counter

Font drawers are bastions of design

Penrith Museum of Printing: storage cabinets

There's a chance to test out typography with a treatise

Penrith Museum of Printing: typography

Metal was once transformed into negatives for newspapers

Penrith Museum of Printing: photo gravure

Decorative details stud boxes with vintage designs

Penrith Museum of Printing: decorative details

Wooden letters tumble out of the past into visitors' hands

Penrith Museum of Printing: wooden letters

But it's the printers and volunteers who really make the place a treat to visit.

Penrith Museum of Printing:printer

To find out more or visit, visit their website here.

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