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Art for Travelers #3: The Traveling Composer, Part 2

Listen to The Traveling Composer Part 1 HERE


Bruno and Computer

Bruno looks up specs on a Zoom microphone for Art for Travelers podcasts


Bruno Brugnano is a musician with a dream: to travel the world, and make music wherever he goes.  From life as a cook in Los Angeles to composing music for a Thai princess, he's led an extraordinary life. 

We met at TEDxKrungthep last year in Bangkok, and were both speakers there – I talked about my art, travels, and handmade paper,  while Bruno described his musical journey from Milan to Bangkok (neither of us have yet managed to watch our videos).


Here's part 2 of his story:



Bruno gets philosophical on:


* Why the sound of silence is the greatest sound of all

* What would Mozart do if he lived in in the 21st century?

* How the music industry's changing with the intenet – and the career decisions he made as a result

* Why the challenges of a creative life are worthwhile – but aren't for the faint-hearted

* How travel's expanded his horizons, and his favorite spot in Thailand for musical inspiration (hint: it's a beach. Ok, I'll spill it: he's a big fan of Rayong province)


For more of Bruno's music, go here:

His JAZZ site, featuring the track Bangkok Nights

and his SOUNDTRACK site

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