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Art For Travelers #2: The Traveling Composer, Part 1

Bruno Brugnano

Bruno Brugnano in his Bangkok studio


Bruno Brugnano is a musician with a dream: to travel the world, and make music wherever he goes.  From life as a cook in Los Angeles to composing music for a Thai princess, he's led an extraordinary life. Here's the first part of his story.

We met at TEDxKrungthep last year in Bangkok, and were both speakers there – I talked about my art, travels, and handmade paper,  while Bruno described his musical journey from Milan to Bangkok (neither of us have yet managed to watch our videos).

In the first part of his  Art for Travelers podcast, Bruno talks about his musical travels and work in far-flung locations:

EnglandAmericaIndiaThailand, and Sudan.

From the priest who first introduced him to Jimi Hendrix to cultural fusion and our apprenticeships in Italy, we cover a lot of ground in a short time. 

At just under 11 minutes, this edition of Art for Travelers is a great intro to Bruno's work, and his curiosity about the world which has led him from one continent to the next, always taking his musical talents with him.

Hear some of his movie scores here. – One of his most popular tracks The Coffin Suite has gotten over 16,000 plays and is a masterpiece.

In Part 2, Bruno will talk about his work composing film scores in Thailand, and how the visual nature of cinema is a continual inspiration and challenge for his music. 


* Volume is on the low side, this is best listened to on headphones or with volume at max levels. It's a fast-paced podcast.

** Intro and Outro music: Chnam oun Dop-Pram Muy (I'm Only 16), circa 1960's by the irreplaceable Cambodian singer Ros Sereysothea, also known as "The Golden Voice"

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