Sunrise Prints – work-in-ProgressTime-based architectural installation (Kowloon Hong Kong)

Cruel Luxuries – Installation / performance (Hong Kong, Taipei, + )

Athens21: Re-frieze-ing Photogram silhouettes  (Athens, Greece)

Tree of ExceptionsCyanotype blue and Vandyke sepia painting installation (Hong Kong)

Typhoon – Photograms of sharks fins (Hong Kong)

Greenbacks Project – Participatory art project, carved US$ and CNY (Beijing, Washington DC, Hong Kong)

China Obscura – Cyanotype paintings and Installations (China and San Francisco)

Soft Power: A Self-Criticism – Book and photo installation (Beijing)

The Past is Another Country – Installation (Beijing)

Beyond George Town – Cliche-verre prints (Malaysia) 

Imaginary Landscapes of Betel-Nut Island  – Cyanotype paintings (Malaysia)

Thai Offerings – Alternative process photo and text prints (Bangkok)

Long Bien Bridge Project – Cyanotype installation (Hanoi)

Bokor in Blue – Alternative process photographs (Cambodia)

Silk Blueprints – Cyanotype photograms (Cambodia)

Early Cyanotypes (Boston)

cyan mural closeup

Detail (above) of commissioned Cyanotype mural (below), Qingdao, China, 2014

cyan mural


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