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Thai Offerings

Flower garlands are offered daily in Thailand to appease the spirits, to remember ancestors, to apologize for sins, or to hope for a better life.

These phrases of contrast and commonality between western priorities and those of Southeast Asia were selected during a tumultuous time in Thailand, where "Red Shirts" from smaller cities attempted to wrestle power from elites in Bangkok, their votes and voices ignored.

Background text – in English & Thai – covers topics like infidelity and cultural stereotypes, skin-whitening creams popular in Thailand, skin cancer rates from tanning in the West, violations of democracy and freedom in western countries who expect the rest of the world do adopt western political systems wholeheartedly, and toxic makeups favored by women around the world. Much of the text is illegible / invisible – text becomes texture.


Na Ka


Sex (1)

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Sex(2) Bronze Skin Money

Link to a selection of images and documentation of works in progress  http://www.flickr.com/photos/ebriel/sets/72157626749189470/

Most artworks were destroyed in Bangkok's 2011 floods.

Thai script garlands

Thai script cyanotyped from flower garlands