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Slide from the package described below – more online soon

I just sent off this thank-you letter to the courier service DHL.

“Dear DHL,

“I would like to commend the manager and staff of your Thonburi office [though saying it’s in Thonburi is a stretch, as I found out when the taxi ride took 45 traffic-free minutes to travel from my Thonburi studio] for their impeccable efficiency, their excellent English skills, and most of all for their truly incredible service.

“Last week I had a time-sensitive document which needed to be postmarked by Thursday 15th April [to be eligible for a long shot at an opportunity in a very cold country]. Unfortunately all post offices were closed most of last week due to the state of emergency declared by the [freaked-out] Thai government, and the Songkran holiday [Thai New Year, a.k.a. an excuse to douse passers-by with squirtguns and smear powder on their cheeks]. DHL proved to be an ideal solution.

“Your office manager and his assistant gave my taxi driver directions [of which which he took little notice as I tried to rescue a Picasa slideshow from my netbook in the back seat] and agreed to wait for us [giving me just enough time to abandon Picasa and individually relabel over 50 photos so reviewers of my work could make their own slideshow or browse on candy-colored Macs].

“When my taxi arrived nearly a half hour after DHL’s closing time your staff betrayed no impatience, and offered to print out any of my documents. They waited as I recovered two which had crashed in OpenOffice [alternating their smoke breaks] and meticulously catalogued the contents of my package [expressing only mild surprise as Cambodian trumpets blared ‘Proud Mary’ when I accidentally clicked on my Bokor Hill Station video].

“All told, your staff remained in the office for a full hour past closing time, truly going out of their way to help a first-time customer out of a [mainly self-inflicted] jam. Please pass on my gratitude and I will happily recommend your [expensive] services in the future.

“Sincerely Yours,

“Elizabeth Briel”

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