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Monthly Archives: March 2010

She’s got a Long Way to Go

The sporty Chang Jiang motorbike – a tragedy that never made it onto Australian roads While modern China has rarely been known for quality engineering, hope springs eternal – as you can see from the story below. ¬†An optimistic Australian …

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Running for the Hills

Photo taken while trekking in Sapa, Vietnam, 2008 Yesterday, as on most days, I sat down to work on my paper book at 9am. In the The Artists Place cafe I lit a mosquito coil, turned on the fan, and …

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Paint as Power

Painting with Thai blood, the calligrapher writes: “Pouring the People’s blood onto the ground” This is what’s happening on the other side of the Chao Phraya river, a muddy waterway that splits the Bangkok region into two parts: the old …

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Chiang Mai Shopping List

Last week I took a train from Bangkok to Chiang Mai, Thailand’s second-biggest city. In my trusty notebook I had a page that read: “SHOPPING LIST “15 pieces of Banana Paper for the paper book,” [Last year I’d tried to …

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Artist Abroad

Catching up with the NYC artworld from a beach bungalow in Thailand – discussions with artists via Jerry Saltz [art critic] on Facebook, and Edward Winkleman’s blog [gallerist] Ten years ago as I finished my last year of art school, …

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Painted White as Snow

Gouache, Acrylic and Ink on handmade paper Last week my sister and I were distracted by a TV ad as we rode the skytrain back to our hotel. Our car was cool and we relaxed after a hot afternoon visiting …

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Interview: The Creative Life

Entry to The Artists Place, the studio where I’m currently working in Bangkok Cynthia Morris at Original Impulse recently interviewed me about how I manage to live this crazy creative life that I do. We talk about paper, people, places, …

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Blog Holiday

Holiday Hangover, cyanotype photogram on velvet from the Workaholics series. Click image to see more. Two weeks ago I hopped in a car for the 12-hour drive from Sydney to Brisbane, spent a day at the Asia Pacific Triennial in¬†Queensland, …

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